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Facing Parenthood, is a new service run by clinical psychologists and psychotherapists in the private sector, to promote emotional well-being in families before and after the birth of a new baby and throughout the different phases of parenthood. We welcome referrals from GP's, midwives, health visitors, consultants and mental health professionals. Patients can also self-refer.

Our Preparing for Parenthood Service aims to help families get off to a good start by helping mothers- and fathers-to-be prepare emotionally for becoming parents and offering support when they do. By focusing on the personal and emotional aspects of parenthood, we complement ante-natal services that focus more on the physical preparation for birth.
Our Perinatal Clinical Service is aimed at women and men for whom having a baby stirs up psychological problems such as depression or anxiety, that have either existed previously, or may be occurring for the first time during pregnancy or the post-natal period, or may follow a traumatic experience of childbirth.  The development of difficulties during this period may or may not seem to be directly related to feelings about having a baby.

Our Multidisciplinary team provides early specialist clinical assessment and therapy to expectant and new parents experiencing difficulties during pregnancy and the first year. NICE guidlines on antenatal and postnatal mental health (2007) recommend a lower threshold for access to   psychological therapies during pregnancy and the postnatal period, due to the changing risk-benefit ratio for pychotropic medication at this time. They also recommend that psychological treatment should be offered before women reach clinical levels of mental health difficulties because of the potential long-term consequences of mental health difficulties upon the foetus and infant.

What kind of difficulties are suitable to refer?

- Fertility problems,  miscarriage or stillbirth

- Unresolved feelings about the birth

- Parent-infant relationship difficulties

- Difficulties within the couple relationship

- Pre- or post-natal: depression, anxiety,  obsessional symptoms or eating disorders

- Difficulties linked to having a baby who has a disability, who is ill or shows developmental delay

- Difficulties linked to the death of a baby

- Parents of a new baby, who already have a child/ children and who have found the experience of being a parent particularly difficult for some reason

- Parents who are concerned about the way in which their own childhood experiences of being parented may affect or are affecting parenting their own child

- Parents who are coping well, but would welcome the opportunity to have some space to think about being a mother or a father, about the transition from being partners to being parents and who would like to learn more about their baby's emotional world

Our Parenting Toddlers to Teens and Beyond Service focuses on providing psychological help for concerns linked to these later stages of parenting, particularly during points of transition such as toddlerhood, the arrival of a new sibling, starting school, adolescence and leaving home

All consultations, therapy and groups are offered by registered clinical psychologists and psychotherapists who have extensive experience of working within the N.H.S. as well as private practice

In order to provide the most appropriate help, we have brought together a multi-disciplinary team offering a range of psychological therapies
Our team includes:

- Clinical Psychologists

- Child Psychologists

- Adult and Child Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts

- Family and Couple Therapists

- Midwife Counsellors

- Consultant Adult and Child Psychiatrists

All Facing Parenthood therapists are registered with their respective professional bodies:

Health Professions Council

British Psychological Society

British Psychoanalytic Council

UK Council for Psychotherapy,

Association for Child Psychotherapists

International Psychoanalytical Association

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Clinical Approaches:

Consultation to assess problems

Brief Counselling



Parent-infant therapy

Couple therapy

Family therapy

Group therapy

Psychiatric Consultation

What do you do if you would like to refer someone to our service?
Call us yourself on  020 8444 9160 to discuss the referral
Or write to us at Facing Parenthood 7 Lansdowne Road London N10 2AX
Patients can self refer.
Give them our website address ( or one of our information leaflets and ask them to contact us. Further copies of the leaflet are available on request.
Day time evening and weekend appointments available
No waiting Lists
Fees are ethically set in line with professional guidelines
Fees may be recoverable under medical insurance
We are recognised registered providers with leading U.K. Health Insurance Companies      Daytime Evening and Weekend Appointments.      020 8444 9160