The Facing Parenthood Team
In order to provide the most appropriate help for you, we have brought together a highly qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary team offering a range of skills and psychological therapies.  

Our team includes:

Clinical Psychologists… have applied training in clinical psychology. They are trained in: understanding how people think, feel, act and relate; in the use of a range of talking therapies; and in delivering psychological assessment and research. Training is to doctoral level.

Child Psychologists… are Clinical Psychologists who have specialised in working with children.

To protect the public, the term “Clinical Psychologist” is protected and only those clinicians who have fulfilled the criteria and standards set down by the Health & Care Professions Council are entitled to describe themselves as such and to register as Practitioner Psychologists. All clinical psychologists at Facing Parenthood are registered with the HCPC as Registered Practitioner Psychologists. In addition, all our clinical psychologists are chartered by the British Psychological Society.

Chartered status “is the benchmark of professional recognition. It reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and is a mark of experience, competence and reputation for anyone looking to learn from, consult or employ a psychologist”
The British Psychological Society

All Psychologists in our team have extensive experience of working within the NHS as well as private practice.

Adult and Child Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts… have specialist extended training in helping people understand and deal with their feelings, motivations, behaviours and relationships.

Family and Couple Therapists… Psychologists and Psychotherapists with specialist training in working with couples and families, using psychoanalytic or systemic approaches to therapy.

Midwife Counsellors…Midwives who have done further training in counselling and therapy.

Consultant Adult and Child Psychiatrists… medical doctors who specialise in psychological and psychiatric problems.  Offer diagnostic assessment and may prescribe medication.  They may also sometimes specialise in therapy.

All Facing Parenthood therapists are registered with their respective professional bodies and are committed to the highest professional standards of proficiency, conduct, ethics and ongoing professional development.

Professional bodies:

Health Professions Council, British Psychological Society, British Psychoanalytic Council, UK Council for Psychotherapy, Association for Child Psychotherapy, International Psychoanalytical Association,
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Deborah Farrell MSc C Psychol AFBPsS

Michele Roitt MSc C Psychol AFBPsS BPC IPA

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments avaliable
Fees may be recoverable under medical insurance
We are recognised registered providers with leading U.K. Health Insurance Companies
Service covers North and Central London
020 8444 9160

Facing Parenthood is allied to the Independent Psychology Service, a network of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists in private practice.

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