Current national and international research highlights the need to rethink how services can best help parents and their children.

It has become Increasingly clear that the mental health and emotional well-being of parents needs to be prioritised, rather than simply focusing on the physical aspects of pregnancy and birth; the technical skills of parenting or tackling children's behaviour problems.

At Facing Parenthood the emotional well-being of parents-to-be, mothers, fathers and couples is our priority.

As a London counselling service, we provide a number of different services:

Counselling for Fertility Problems

Preparing for Parenthood

Pregnancy and the first year (Perinatal Clinical Service)

Parenting Toddlers to teens and Beyond

Support Through Transitions

Individual, Couple and Family Consultations

All consultations, therapy and groups are offered by registered clinical psychologists and psychotherapists who have extensive experience of working within the N.H.S. as well as private practice.

In order to provide the most appropriate help, we have brought together a multi-disciplinary team offering a range of psychological therapies to provide counselling in London.

Our team includes:

Clinical Psychologists

Child Psychologists

Adult and Child Psychotherapists

Family and Couple Therapists

Midwife Counsellors

Consultant Adult and Child Psychiatrists

All Facing Parenthood therapists are registered with their respective professional bodies:

Health and Care Professions Council

British Psychological Society

British Psychoanalytic Council

UK Council for Psychotherapy,

Association for Child Psychotherapists

International Psychoanalytic Association

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Clinical Approaches:

Consultation to assess problems

Brief Counselling



Parent-infant therapy

Couple therapy

Family therapy

Group therapy

Psychiatric Consultation
Day time evening and weekend appointments available
Fees may be recoverable under medical insurance
We are recognised registered providers with leading U.K. Health Insurance Companies
Service covers North and Central London
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