Who we are
Facing Parenthood is a specialist service developed by Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists  to address the psychological needs of parents and parents-to-be.

Our highly experienced team bring  together their  professional  expertise and their own experience as parents, to offer help  with the emotional stresses and relationship difficulties that can arise at each stage of parenthood, from deciding to start a family, right through to the experience of your children leaving home. Our North London psychotherapy centre is a unique service within the private sector for counselling in London.

Research shows that professional help in these areas can lead to lasting benefits for the well-being of parents and their children and enable more confident and effective parenting.

Current national and international research highlights the need to rethink how services can best help parents and their children.  It has become Increasingly clear that the mental health and emotional well-being of parents needs to be prioritised,  rather than simply focusing on the physical aspects of pregnancy and birth; the technical skills of parenting or tackling children's behaviour problems. At Facing Parenthood the emotional well-being of parents-to- be, mothers, fathers and couples is our priority.

We provide a number of different services:

Counselling for Fertility Problems

Preparing for Parenthood

Pregnancy and the first year (Perinatal Clinical Service)

Parenting Toddlers to teens and Beyond

Support Through Transitions

Individual, Couple and Family Consultations

Facing Parenthood Groups and Workshops

Our counselling for fertility service offers help with the emotional aspects of undergoing fertility investigations or treatments. Struggling with infertility can put huge pressures on women and men and a couple's emotional and sexual relationship. The cycles of hope and disappointment can painfully dominate the lives of women and men, often silently, sometimes for many years.  Coping with difficulties with fertility may cause depression, anxiety and difficulties in your relationship . Secondary infertility, when you have one child or more, but long for another, can also be a source of considerable and enduring pain. We offer individual, couple and family consultations to help with these emotional challenges and the psychological aspects of surrogacy and adoption .  We also run groups to help non-biological parents talk to their children about their biological origins.

Our Preparing for Parenthood Service aims to help families get off to a good start by helping ordinary mothers and fathers-to-be, prepare emotionally for becoming parents and offering support when they do. It  is designed to build confidence, reduce anxiety and help parents to understand and get to know their baby.  By focusing on the personal and emotional aspects of parenthood, we complement ante-natal services that focus more on the physical preparation for birth.

We  developed  this service in response to a growing body of  evidence, that offering parents help with the emotional aspects of parenthood before and after the birth of their baby can have long-term benefits for the psychological well-being  of parents, for their relationship with each other and for their parenting. It has also been shown to lead to long term benefits for their children's emotional social and intellectual development.

Our Preparing for Parenthood groups and consultations, designed in light of this evidence, aim to offer these kind of  benefits by addressing your psychological experiences and struggles as parents-to-be and as  new parents. We also aim to reduce  your stress and anxiety. Research indicates that high levels of ante and post natal stress, can be associated the development of the emotional, cognitive  and behavioural problems in children. So here the aim is to help prevent  the development of these problems as well as improving your own emotional well-being.

“In the developed world the physical care of women is usually very good, but the emotional care has hardly begun........ we need to care for the whole woman, care for her emotional state as well as her physical state, because that way we can help the outcome for her children too”
Professor Vivette Glover Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology at Imperial College London (Interview 2009)
Our Perinatal Service is  aimed at women and men for whom having a baby stirs up psychological problems such as depression or anxiety, that have either existed previously, or may be occurring for the first time during pregnancy or the post-natal period, or may follow a traumatic experience of childbirth.  The development of difficulties during this period may or may not seem to be directly related to your feelings about having a baby.

At Facing Parenthood our dedicated multidisciplinary team of highly trained and experienced professionals offer the early specialist clinical assessment and therapy that can best help expectant and new parents and their babies with difficulties during pregnancy and the first year and help to prevent these difficulties from becoming enduring problems. We offer help ranging from single consultations to ongoing therapy.

We know that when it comes to pre and post - natal problems, early psychological therapy has been shown to be the treatment of choice.The most recent guidelines  on  antenatal and postnatal mental health (2007)  from NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) reflect this and recommend that talking therapies  should be more readily available for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, because of the increased risk of using medicines at these times. Pre and postnatal difficulties may  include: depression, anxiety, panic, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress.

We also offer help to parents who are struggling with the many and extraordinary emotional challenges of parenthood, at any stage, from infancy right through to caring for adult children. Our Parenting Toddlers to Teens and Beyond Service focuses on providing psychological help for concerns linked to these later stages of parenting, particularly during points of transition such as toddlerhood, the arrival of a new sibling, starting school, adolescence and leaving home.
As our children develop, we are faced with many emotional transitions. These offer us an opportunity for growth, but can create stress, as they require us to adapt psychologically and to readjust  our  established relationships.

Support Through Transitions offers a series of consultations aimed to ease the transition from one developmental stage to the next. We offer six consultations  tailored to address the issues specific to each stage of development.  Your concerns may be with your own feelings, your relationship with your partner or your children

At Facing Parenthood we have developed a range of services specifically aimed at helping fathers and fathers- to-be, because we appreciate that being a father faces men with particular psychological challenges. We also recognise the central role fathers play in the emotional well-being of their partner and their children.
We are also particularly interested in working with couples as there is growing evidence that problems in a couple's relationship can have negative effects on the development and well-being of children and adolescents. Improving the quality of your couple relationship can be a central  to family well-being as well as  helping you parent together more effectively.

Facing Parenthood offers pre- and post-natal groups and workshops for mothers, fathers and couples.  Our perinatal programme, covering pregnancy and the first year, offers groups and workshops for pregnant women, for couples expecting a baby and for couples and  new mothers with their babies.

We also offer a further range of groups and workshops for fathers and for parents of toddlers, primary school children, adolescents, children leaving home and for those parenting through and after divorce.

Individual, Couple and Family Consultations are  available for a range of emotional and psychological difficulties and to discuss any concerns linked to fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenthood. All groups, workshops and consultations are offered by chartered  psychologists and registered psychotherapists.
All Facing Parenthood therapists are registered with their respective professional bodies and are committed to the highest professional standards of proficiency, conduct, ethics and ongoing professional development.

Professional bodies:

Health Professions Council,  British Psychological Society, British Psychoanalytic Council, UK Council for Psychotherapy, Association for Child Psychotherapy, International Psychoanalytical Association,
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Deborah Farrell MSc C Psychol AFBPsS
Michele Roitt MSc C Psychol AFBPsS BPC IPA
Day time evening and weekend appointments available
Fees may be recoverable under medical insurance
We are recognised registered providers with leading U.K. Health Insurance Companies
Service covers North and Central London
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Facing Parenthood is allied to the Independent Psychology Service, a network of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists in private practice.

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